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Santorini island

Places to visit in Santorini island

SAntorini Island
Santorini is the island  also reffered
 as the diamond of the Aegean sea...

Among all the Greek islands, Santorini (also known as Thyra) is the most romantic place to be with your beloved other half. This island has everything, beautifull beaches, perfect view of the mediteranean sea, lively really nightlife, but please please trust me when i tell you that i have no words to explain you the beauty of
this island. If you are in love, you will fall in love all over again. If you are not in love, you will fall in love! Santorini has everything and has such a natural beaughty that makes this island the best place to be either for holidays or even honeymoon! If possible avoide visiting on August , when the island is literaly packed with people.

GoogleMap of Santorini

As you can see on the map, there is a large lagoon, which was formed at 1700 bc. during the explosion of the volcano. This explosion changed dramatically the formation of the island and completly destroyed the ancient Greek Minoan civilazation. In case you are wondering, today the volcano is inactive.


Excavations in 1967 at Akrotiri revealed astonishing remains of the great ancient Minoan civilization. It revealed beautiful ancient houses, amazing streets, all build with perfect masonry and decorated with remarkable wall paintings which are magnificent to watch. The Minoan civilization was so advanced that many beleive that Santorini is the lost Atlantis that Herodotus mentions... If you choose Santorini for your holidays, then you should not miss the chance to visit Akrotiri. 

greek islands santorini - akrotiri ancient wall painting
Wall painting in Akrotiri, it is a well known fact that
ancient Minoans respected  and loved dolhines.
greek islands santorini - akrotiri ancient house
Ancient houses entombed in
the solidified ash of the eruption 
greek islands santorini - akrotiri ancient wall painting fisherman
Wall painting in Akrotiri, a fisherman
carrying his catch.
greek islands santorini - akrotiri ancient findings
wall painting, 2 men boxing on the left, and 2 unicorns
perhaps watching the fight.

greek islands santorini - akrotiri ancient wall painting lady
Wall painting in Akrotiri,
an ancient lady, perhaps
someones wife.

Oia Santorini

greek island Santorini - dont miss the sunset
Dont miss the famous sunset in oia

Known also as the place with the best sunset in the whole world. I have n't been all arround the world to tell you if this is true or not. But please let me tell you this photo is not digitally enhanced... Oia is a beautifull traditional village in Santorini to visit and the famous sunset there is truly breathtaking.

Santorini Volcano tour

greek islands santorini volcano which is sunk
This small island is what is left today from the
volcano. The rest sunk deep into the sea.

I would suggest you visit the volcano (by boat) only if you are really into volcano's and geological stuff. If you like the idea of walking on a dead volcano (which is still warm) in the middle of the summer then you should go. To be honest i have not been there not because it is not nice, many people who went there loved it. Its just not my cup of tea. I would rather cool myself in one of the beautiful beaches that the island has to offer. :-)

Santorini view

santorini traditional food
There are some things, that words can not express...

I apologize but i can not express in words the view that Santorini has to offer. But i will try because in my opinion is the No1 reason to visit this island. Because Santorini is in such a high altitude, separated from the sea by high cliffs, the view is simply amazing. For example when i am at a taverna with a view to the sea, i honestly feel that i have all the Mediterranean sea on my table. Actually i do have it... At the luxury hotels in Santorini, regarding the prices, the sky is the limit...(for me a dream yet to come true) but that is not a reason for you to miss the view from those luxury hotels...  This view is similar almost everywhere in Santorini, but if you want your hotel to be the only thing between the Aegean sea and Santorini.. it will cost you!

Santorini beaches

santorini beach perissa
Santorini beach Perissa

Santorini beach Perivolos
Santorini beach Perivolos

Santorini red beache
Santorini red beach
Santorini beach Kamari
Santorini beach Kamari

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