Monday, June 10, 2013

Greek islands

holidays greece - greek islands
Welcome to the Greek islands guide for perfect holidays. Discover the most beautifull destinations of Greece, the country that i had the luck to live. Find out not just the most popular places for a tourist to visit, but also the most unaltered Greek islands that still hold their authentic beauty.  If you are a person who likes originality and you prefer to really live and taste the nature and the pure beauty of the place that you visit, then this blog might be the perfect guide for you!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Santorini photos

Collection of majestic photos from Santorini island.

greek island Santorini sun reflection on deep blue sea

Santorini luxury hotels

Some things are just out of our reach due to the hight cost. However we can still dream about them and never loose hope! I dont like expensive things in general, but looking at these photos of the view that some (luxury) hotels  have in Santorini island, really makes my day... One day...

santorini luxury hotels
usually commerce destroys the natural beauty of a place,
in Santorini clearly this is not the case.. everything is made
with respect to the stone build tradition, the white and the blue
of the Mediterranean sea... 

Santorini island

Places to visit in Santorini island

SAntorini Island
Santorini is the island  also reffered
 as the diamond of the Aegean sea...

Among all the Greek islands, Santorini (also known as Thyra) is the most romantic place to be with your beloved other half. This island has everything, beautifull beaches, perfect view of the mediteranean sea, lively really nightlife, but please please trust me when i tell you that i have no words to explain you the beauty of